[Updated] Coinbase: Easy $40+ in Crypto ($35 Bitcoin and $9 in alt coins)


  • 1/29/2022 – Earn and Learn Options: Added JASMY / Removed CLV, COMP, GRT, XLM
  • 8/18/2021 – Earn and Learn Options: Added CLV, FET
  • 6/19/2021 – Earn and Learn Options: Added AMP / Removed MATIC
  • 6/7/2021 – Earn and Learn Options: Added MATIC / Removed FORTH, SKL
  • 5/14/2021 – Added (SKL) / Removed (CELO, NU) Earn and Learn options
  • 4/28/2021 – Add the Earn and Learn options – FORTH
  • 4/10/2021 – Add the Earn and Learn options – CGLD, COMP, GRT, NU, XLM)

The Deal: New Account – $10 BTC

Cryptocurrency has been in the news a lot lately, from Bitcoin to Dogecoin to Ethereum. Sign up for a new account through a referral link and you will receive $10 in Bitcoin (BTC) from Coinbase after you purchase $100 in Crypto!

Sign-Up Link:

Key Info:

  • Must sign up through a referral link (I appreciate it if you use mine to support this site)
    • Without a referral link, the Sign Up Bonus is only $5
  • You must be from the currently 100 countries supported by Coinbase
  • You must perform a buy or sell of $100 USD (or your country’s equivalent) within 180 days of account opening at www.coinbase.com/trade
  • We will both receive $10 USD in Bitcoin in about 4 business days after the trade is executed.
  • Fund with bank accounts, debit cards (Visa/MC only), wire transfers

Hacking The Deal:

Once you create your account (and do a trade of $100 or more within 180 days), you get $10. But it doesn’t stop there, there are other ways to get free crypto (will update as I learn about the deals):

Deal 1: Verify Your Identify – $20 BTC

As part of setting up your account, you are asked to verify your identity using either a Driver’s License or some other type of official picture ID. For this effort, you will be awarded $20 in Bitcoin (BTC).

Deal 2: Setup Recurring buys – $5 BTC

As part of encouraging you to use their service to buy crypto, they are offering $5 in Bitcoin (BTC) after 2 recurring buys of any crypto that are $50 or more.

Deal 3: Learn and Earn – $9

One way that Coinbase seems to be really good at is promoting the cryptocurrencies that they offer. My understanding is that as new coins are added to Coinbase, there is a time window in which you can learn about the new coin, answer a couple of questions, and then you will earn a small amount of the new coin’s to be added to your crypto wallet.

The process is to watch a couple of short 1-3 minute videos and answer a couple of questions.

I will update the list below as I learn about new opportunities (I wish I had created a Coinbase account much earlier!)

Amp (AMP) – $3

*Hack Get the answers to the AMP questions!

Fetchai (FET) – $3

*Hack Get the answers to the FET questions!


*Hack Get the answers to the JASMY questions!

Hack 4 – Get Free Crypto with New Accounts!

Learn how to get Free Crypto just by opening a new account, and usually making a small trade.

No Longer on Coinbase Rewards:

Ampleforth Governance Token (FORTH) – $3

Celo (CGLD) – $6

Clover Finance (CLV) – $3

*Hack Get the answers to the CLV questions!

Compound (COMP) – $9

The Graph (GRT) – $3

NuCypher (NU) – $3

The Polygon Network (MATIC) – #3

The SKALE Network (SKL) – $3

Steller Lumens (XLM) – $10


I am not a Financial Advisor or a Lawyer, Buy / Sell / Trade cryptocurrencies at your own risk. Do your own research, and decide what is best for you. I am not responsible for any losses that you may or may not realize. This is for education and entertainment purposes only!

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