Drop App

The Deal:

The Drop App is an app that allows you to earn additional points when making a purchase with you credit or debit card. There are multiple ways to earn “points” in the Drop App:

  1. Shopping through the app
  2. Using you a linked card for in-store purchases
  3. Playing games
  4. Completing surveys

Key Info:

Create your Drop App account

  • Sign up for a Drop App account
  • The above should auto-populate my referral code, but in case it doesn’t, add my referral code (88u0f) to get 5,000 points after earning 1,000 from shopping
    • Profile, (top left)
    • Enter invite code 
    • Enter the referral code!

Unique / Rare Partnerships:

One of the things I noticed almost immediately is that there are some unique or rare opportunities here to earn cash back from retailers and services that don’t seem to be available on other networks.

For example, while a number of programs will award you cash back for your first Uber Eats purchase, the Drop App will reward you for every order you make with Uber Eats that starts in the Drop App. Here are some of the unique or rare partners that I’ve found (will update this list based on comments and experience):

  • Amazon
  • Chipotle
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Uber Eats (every order)
  • Walmart Grocery

Stacking w/Other Programs:

As far as I can tell, Drop runs on it’s own network, so using it should stack with other stacking opportunities!

Point Value:

Drop App points are valued at $0.001, or 1,000 points to a dollar. So, the 5,000 points that you get for using a referral is worth $5 (which is better than $0 if you don’t use a referral). The way to redeem your points is to exchange them for gift cards, with a minimum value of $25. At the time of writing this post, they have a $25 Apple gift card available for 25,000 points.

Hacking the Deal:

1-Time Offers

There are a number of offers that are available for only your first order. Some of these I have seen for as high as 150,000 points. So, before you try a new service, I suggest checking out Drop to see if the service has a 1-Time offer and compare to your other options. 1-Time can be found by clicking the “Filter” button on the Shop tab and selecting the “1 Time Offer” option.

Boosted Offers

Boosted offers are in-app offers that have temporarily increased rewards per dollar spent. These boosted offers typically last about a week, though some do seem to last longer.

When on the Shop tab, if you click on the “Filter” button, there is a selection to show only those offers that have been Boosted!

Sorting Offers

When on the Shop tab, if you click the “Sort” button, there is an option to Sort Points high to low. This will find you deals for a high number of points!

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