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[Expired] Check if you are targeted – Up to 7x back on Chase Co-Branded Cards for July – September 2022

Chase is doing it again! Targeted 5x-7x on Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, Home Improvements stores, and maybe Restaurants for the third quarter of 2022 on Chase co-branded cards.

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[Updated] Coinbase: Easy $40+ in Crypto ($35 Bitcoin and $9 in alt coins)

Earn Free Crypto: $10 Bitcoin after $100 purchase of any Coinbase cryptocurrency! Plus opportunity for another $30+ in crypto!

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Coinbase Rewards – AMP ($3)

Coinbase Rewards for AMP – Get paid in crypto for watching videos and answering easy questions. Only takes a couple of minutes!

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Free Crypto

The Deal: Between Bitcoin and Dogecoin being in mainstream news, more and more people are just starting their journey learning…

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Hacks for Small Purchases

Why: There are often Sign Up or Spend Bonuses where you have to do X number of transactions in order…

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Drop App

The Drop App is an app that allows you to earn additional points when making a purchase with you credit or debit card.

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New: Chase Freedom Flex

This is a fantastic new card by Chase! The Chase Freedom Flex is a great earner and has no Annual…