[Expired] Coinbase Rewards – FET ($3)

The Deal:

The Coinbase Rewards program is where a user is awarded crypto for learning about a cryptocurrency! You:

  • Learn about it by watching short videos, and
  • Earn it by correctly answering a question after each video.

This time it is for Fetch.ai (FET), and you can earn a total of $3 worth of CLV($1 per video/question). From the Coinbase website, “FET is an Ethereum token that powers Fetch.ai, a decentralized machine learning platform for applications such as asset trading, gig economy work, and energy grid optimization. Fetch.ai’s first decentralized finance application helps Uniswap users automate trading according to predefined conditions.

The Key Details:

Hacking the Deal:

Hack 1 – Get a Coinbase Account

If you don’t already have a Coinbase account, please consider signing up through my Coinbase Referral. You will get $10 (instead of the public offer of only $5) after making a trade of at least $100.

Hack 2 – Earn even more at Coinbase

Check out the Coinbase page, I list out a number of ways to earn additional crypto (both Bitcoin and other altcoins) – at least another $50!

Hack 3 – Know the Answers

To help you out, here are the answers to each of the questions:

  1. What can people create with Fetch.ai? Software agents that automate tasks
  2. What’s one role of the FET token? To power Fetch.ai agents
  3.  What does Fetch.ai plan to support in the future? Automated interactions with industries like travel and healthcare

Hack 4 – Get Free Crypto with New Accounts!

Learn how to get Free Crypto just by opening a new account, and usually making a small trade.


I am not a Financial Advisor or a Lawyer, Buy / Sell / Trade cryptocurrencies at your own risk. Do your own research, and decide what is best for you. I am not responsible for any losses that you may or may not realize. This is for education and entertainment purposes only!

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