[Expired:] Rakuten Shopping Portal : Easy $25 – $75

The Deal

Rakuten is an online shopping portal (it used to be called ebates). They are currently having an increased new user bonus of $25 when you spend $25. This is available only through referrals, as the bonus is only $10 without a referral.

Key Info

  • Must use a referral code. Here is mine if you don’t already have one: Rakuten Shopping Portal. (Note that I will receive a referral bonus for you joining).
  • Must make a qualify purchase of at least $25 within 90 days of joining
  • Ends 3/4/2021
  • Must be a New user to Rakuten
  • Must be in the U.S. or Canada
  • Must go to Rakuten first, and then find and click on the link for the store of interest when making purchases

Confirm the $25 offer

You want to make sure that you are getting $25 offer (instead of the $10 offer). If you don’t see the following pop-up at Rakuten, then try opening a new incognito / private browser window and try https://dealhacker.net/go/rakuten again.

The Hacks

Hack 1: Increase your payout from $25 to $75

If you have spouse / significant other, then you can increase your $25 to $75. How you can achieve this:

  1. Person 1 signs up through a Rakuten referral link
  2. Person 1 spends $25 through Rakuten within 90 days (Person 1 earns $25)
  3. Person 1 refers Person 2
  4. Person 2 signs up
  5. Person 2 spends $25 within 90 days (Person 1 and Person 2 each earn $25)

At this point, Person 1 has now earned $50 and Person 2 has now earned $25, for a total of $75 for the both of you!

Hack 2: Use the right card for online purchases

Rakuten also has their own branded Visa card. And it earns the following rewards when you use it while shopping though the Rakuten Shopping Portal:

  • Rakuten Visa – 3% or 3x AmEx Membership Reward points

Hack 3: Find high paying stores on Rakuten

Finding high paying stores on Rakuten is relatively straight forward:

  • Go to Rakuten
  • Click on “All Stores” in the upper left hand corner
  • Then use the “Sort By” drop down option and select Cash Back
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