[Expired] AmEx Hilton Cards – Up to $220 in credits!

The Deals:

American Express has been generous again with handing out credits and spend bonuses for their cards! This time, up to $220 in credits for their Hilton Honors co-branded credit cards.

Dining Credits – Up to $220:

Eligible Consumer Hilton Honors Cards have the following dining credits at U.S. restaurants, to include dining in and / or take out, through the end of the year, 12/31/2021:

  • Hilton Honors AmEx card – Up to $55 ($5 max per month)
  • Hilton Honors AmEx Surpass card – Up to $110 ($10 max per month)
  • Hilton Honors AmEx Aspire card – Up to $220 ($20 max per month)

Wireless Credits – Up to $110:

Eligible Business Hilton Honors Card has the following wireless credit at U.S. Wireless Telephone Services through the end of the year, 12/31/2021:

  • Hilton Honors AmEx Business card – Up to $110 ($10 max per month)

Spend Bonuses – Up to 100,000 points:

Eligible Hilton Honors cards earn an extra 10,000 Hilton Honors Bonus points when they spend $5,000 on purchases from now until 6/30/2021. And this can be done up to 10 times. This offer is applicable to all the Hilton Honors cards, however if you have more than one Hilton Honors card, then you must choose which card to apply this offer to:

  • Hilton Honors AmEx card
  • Hilton Honors AmEx Surpass card
  • Hilton Honors AmEx Aspire card
  • Hilton Honors AmEx Business card

The Key Details:

  • These offers are only available to those that currently have and had an active card as of January 1, 2021
  • Purchase must post by either 6/30/2021 or 12/31/2021, depending on the offer
  • These are provided as AmEx Offers, so you must enroll the offer on your card before using the credits or working towards the spend bonus.

A Note about AmEx Offers

  • Find your offers at: https://global.americanexpress.com/offers/eligible
  • Must first add offer to your Card, and then use same Card to redeem.
  • Limit 1 enrolled Card per Card Member across all American Express offer channels, so make sure that you add the offer to the best possible card for you
  • To add the offer
    • Log in to your American Express account
    • Go to your specific card to which you want to add the offer
    • Scroll down to the offers section
    • Click on “Add to Card”

My Two Cents:

These are some great offers by American Express. They obviously want to keep you as a customer, and put spend on their cards. They are even giving you up to $55 on a no annual fee card – that is unheard of. Here is how I look at these credits:

  • $55 on the no annual fee card
  • $110 on the $95 Surpass card
  • $110 on the $95 Business card
  • An additional $220 credit on top of the $250 airline incidental and $250 Hilton Resort credit, for a total of $720 on $450 Aspire card

I personally find the Wireless credit easy to use – I would just go into your cell phone plan and do a partial payment for the $10 every month and your done! A very easy $110. To the best of my knowledge this works on all the major U.S. Wireless carriers, though I’ve seen conflicting reports about Google Fi.

As far as the Dining, this is a little more of pain, but doable. Some suggestions are:

  • Add the cards to Apple or Google Wallet and use when using a delivery / pickup app
  • Load your Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, etc. account(s)
  • Stick the card in your wallet and you the next time you dine out or pickup or order delivery.

As for the Spend Bonus, if you spend in exactly $5,000 “chunks” then it is like getting 5x Hilton Honors points per dollar, which I value at about 2.5 cents per dollar, so a return of 2.5%, not bad for everyday spend. Where this could really shine though is if you have the Hilton Honors Surpass or Business card where you earn a free night certificate for $15,000 spend. Then this would net you an additional 30,000 points.

So, tell me, what do you think of these offers for the American Express Hilton Honors cards?

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