[Expired] Cash App Boosts Ending 6/11/21 – Bitcoin for Any Coffee Shop & Restaurant; Cash for Any Grocery Store, Restaurant, Sam’s Club, etc.

The Deal:

The Cash App Card is a debit card by Square that rewards you with either cash or Bitcoin for spending on the card. Another benefit of the app is the ease of sending money to another Cash App user (individual or businesses). The most lucrative rewards come in the form of a “Boost” – These are elevated returns for a specific purchase. This is where the Cash App shines.

Note, if you would like to see other ways of earning Crypto as a bonus, see our Free Crypto post! Also, see the Coinbase post that lists out the various opportunities to earn cryptocurrency just by answer a few simple questions!

  • Changes for this week:
    • Renewal of last week’s deals
    • Addition of Groupon
    • Fight Club and GOAT extended to the end of June

Boosts to unlock:

There are some Boosts where an activity is required in order to “unlock” the Boosts. Below are the ones that I know about – let me know if you find others!

Any Purchase$20Min. Spend $20Min. $300
Paycheck Deposit.

This Week’s Boosts:

Bitcoin Back:

  • Expires 6/11/2021
Any Coffee Shop5%$1501
Any Restaurant5%$1501
*NOTE: Bitcoin provided at then-effective exchange rate.

Cash Back:

  • Expires 6/11/2021
Any Grocery Store5%$1501
Biscuitville10%$75Every Hour
Burger King5%$150Every Day
DoorDash10%$50Every Hour
Playstation Network10%$751
Sam’s Club5%$400Every Day
Taco Bell10%$751
Uber$1Min $1Every Hour
  • Expires 6/30/2021
Flight Club5%$3001

How To Activate the Boost:

  • Open the Cash App and click on the Card Icon in the bottom left:
  • You will see an image of your card, with the option to add a boost underneath of it. Click on the “Add Boost” icon
  • Scroll to find the Boost of Interest
  • Click on the Boost of Interest, Read the terms, and then Click on “Apply Boost”. Now you will see that the boost has been added to your card, along with how till it expires.

Hacking The Deal:

Hack #1 – Get the Cash App New User Bonus

Currently, there is a referral-only offer where you can get a $5 bonus for sending $5 to someone using the Cash App (within 14 days of creating your Cash App account). I only use the Cash App for the cash back and Bitcoin boosts (5% – 25% back on spend). Also, it is an easy way to transfer money to another user.

  • TIP: Turn off the ability for others to request money from you by:
    • Go to profile (upper right hand corner)
    • Click “Privacy & Security”
    • Under Requests, toggle the “Incoming Requests” to off

Hack #2 – Use a Shopping Portal

Before going to the merchant to make a purchase in person, see if (A) they have an online presence, and (B) there is extra cashback for using an online shopping portal. My current favorites are:

Hack #3 – Buy Gift Cards

To lock in the discount, buy a gift card for the max spend amount from the vendor, if they offer gift cards!

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