[Expired] 10% Off Lowe’s Gift Card

10% Off Lowe’s Gift Card

The Deal

Today, you can get a $100 Lowe’s egift card for $90 by using the code LOWES20 at checkout.

Hacking The Deal

Use a Membership Reward (AmEx) points for up to 50% off

Check your account to see if it is targeted for a discount of up to 50%. I have heard reports of 10%, 20%, and 50% off for using just 1 Membership Reward point. Mine is showing 50% off:

Check your Offers for various Credit Cards

There are a number of credit cards out there that have a temporary bonus for Amazon Spend (please let me know in the comments below if you know of others). Please following the link for more details, as all of them require activation of the offer prior to purchase!

Use an Amazon credit card

Depending on which credit cards that you have, you may have bonus points that you can use:

  • 5% Cashback Amazon Cards
    • Amazon Prime Store card
    • Chase Amazon Rewards Prime Card
    • American Express Amazon Business Prime Card
  • 3% Cashback Amazon Cards
    • Amazon Store card
    • Chase Amazon Rewards Card
    • American Express Amazon Business Card
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